I started designing when I was 9 years old. Armed with the very first design application, the Print Shop Deluxe by the Broderbund Brothers, I created my first key visuals for clients (classmates) who happily traded their lunch money for a work of art they wanted to frame. 
Ever since then I stayed true to my passion, which is to create designs that speak to the audience in a way that makes them pay attention. This has led me to a life in which creativity is the focal point - having been a writer, a designer, a marketing specialist, an art director, a publicist, a creative director, and now a division design lead for the biggest CPG giant in the globe.

After more than 15 years of gathering complementary expertise in the creative field, I bring to the table the combined strength of a full team that can make a vision a reality, by telling a brand’s story in a tangible and meaningful way. The companies, clients and people I’ve had the pleasure of working with find in me not just a creative leader but also a thoughtful business-minded innovator. 

I design with the intent of moving brands forward. You cannot just look to your competition and “tweak” what they do. Innovation is at the heart of design, or else one is just appropriating graphics onto an artifact that already lost its relevance in today’s modern age.
On the other hand, managing the design process requires human-centered sensibilities - the patience to encourage imagination, the kindness toward growth and dynamics, and the dedication toward excellence. I strive to manage as a thoughtful leader and a             creative steward.

When I am not designing, I am always thinking up of ideas for starting another business.      I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, with a healthy family business around food manufacturing. After launching an ice cream business and a design studio, I am excited      to do even more.

I am open to new opportunities where I can help bring more inspired thinking to life. Feel free to reach out at deborah.flores.kugler@gmail.com

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