This is a perfume packaging concept that goes beyond housing the liquid product, and into an entirely new point of view around the olfactory power of unlocking memories.
People usually refer to storing their memories in a "vault", only accessing this if one comes across an automatic post regurgitated by social media. Aside from visual stimuli, olfactory stimuli is another well-known agent of accessing memories.
When it comes to wearing perfume, women in particular, usually rotate between scents to match their mood for the day, the seasonality, or the occasion. 
Out of these connective facts come this infant brand of perfume that represents a particular occasion where one might wear it for - a birthday, an anniversary, a breakup. The way the bottle and the packaging is designed is meant to give the user the experience of purposefully accessing and diving into the sensory emotion of remembering. 
The locking and unlocking mechanism works as if it were a padlock, where numbers that represent something meaningful can be assigned as the code that allows the owner the exclusivity of the experience of memory.
Below is a shot of the raw photos used to create the rendering. This was done without the use of any 3D rendering software. 
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