Having a remarkable legacy of producing wine for 90 years throughout Italy and around Europe, Marchesi di Barolo Winery needed to reinvent its brand personality and image as it enters the US market and attempts to succeed in standing out. To do this required a repositioning and retelling of their story, in a more relatable, yet still aspirational way. This winery produces world-class wines, and the first tangible piece of branding was simply a collection of images with dense paragraphs and no discernible flow and editorial reveal.
The creative unlock here was to reconsider the templated look of the sales booklet, and reimagine this as more of a coffee table book-cum-travel-catalogue, that took readers through a brief history of the land, the family and the dedication the people had to developing a drink of superior quality. 
Composing imagery within the book that included photographs of the family embedded the warmth behind the business. Developing a visual language that included cinematic photography, woodcut-style illustration, elevated the piece from being just another sales document, to a memorable travelogue of sorts.
The project was a complete overhaul and rewriting of the story of Marchesi di Barolo, through the written and visual content of the book.

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